Nature Is Amazing In Slow Motion

Have you ever taken the time to think about what really happens around us when living things- insects, cats, people move? There is more than meets the eye in these seemingly simple movements. These three videos by The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube show you exactly why that damselfly may Continue Reading →

Play a Video Game, Help Cure a Disease : Discovery News

I set this up as a twitter post at first and then decided to share it here, on the blog.Here’s an excerpt from the article: “Video gamers are advancing the frontiers of science. Already, they’ve played games that ultimately help map the shapes of proteins. Now they’re also advancing scientists’ Continue Reading →

The Power of Words >> Sunday Sense

This Sunday Sense post was inspired by Kim’s May 15th, 2011 post (It’s a Beautiful Day and I Can’t See It) on her blog The Creative Addiction Blog. It is the first ever video “Sunday Sense” post. I watched it there first and haven’t been able to forget it since. Despite the fact Continue Reading →

Top 3 twitter posts of my lunch hour

Here are the top three twitter posts that caught my interest during the lunch hour: 9 ways to land a PR job after graduation | Articles — Amy Sauertieg (@asauertieg) June 6, 2011 Higher density means world forests are capturing more carbon: A new study challenges measurements … Continue Reading →

QR Codes As Fine Art; Today Your Home, Tomorrow the Louvre (via HughBriss)

QR codes, those funky images made of a bunch of little squares that anyone with a smartphone can scan to reveal a message or link to your website are becoming fine art you can hang on your walls. Check out this great new trend, showing how modern advertising can also Continue Reading →

A Blood Test That Shows How Long You’ll Live? (via Huffington Post)

The wonders of technology and modern medicine. You can have designer babies, see whether you are at risk for Alzheimer’s disease and various cancers, and now you can even check how long you are going to live all for about a $700: Ever feel like you’re 30 years old but Continue Reading →

LED bulbs hit 100 watts as federal ban looms (via Associated Press)

The warm, amber light of incandescent light bulbs is on its way out, ending a 130-year relationship with Thomas Edison’s invention that brightened the modern world. While this does mean that mood lighting will be a lot harder to come by, developments in technologies are now moving forward with more Continue Reading →

Why Microsoft is Buying Skype for $8.5 Billion (via GigaOM)

As a user of Microsoft and Skype, I have been following this development since I first caught wind of it on the blogosphere. As of today, May 10th, 2011, Skype is now property of Microsoft. For those who want the details, here they are: Updated at 12 midnight: Microsoft has Continue Reading →

Friday Fuss: The iPad

I’ve been wondering if anyone was thinking what I’ve been thinking over the past few days: What is wrong with the people at Apple? The iPad! Really? Why give something a name that is so awkward? MadTV came out with a skit about the iPad a few years ago. Did Continue Reading →