AoM Journaling Challenge Day 8: Career Plans

Today’s AoM Journaling Challenge: Take some time today to reflect on your career. Jot down a timeline of it, including all the ups and downs. What was your best experience? And the worst? What would you like your future to look like, in terms of your career? If you’re a Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Dealing With Job Search Rejection

It’s been a while since I posted because I spent most of the month of January prepping for a single job posting. That’s right. Just one! January proved to be a drought month in regards to leads for jobs in my field. On January 3, I discovered a single  posting Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I Survived in 2011

Pretty soon we will be ushering in the New Year. Cue the annual traditions of Top Ten Lists, New Year’s Resolution creating, and get ready for a year of highly irritating “The World is Ending” humor. Before 2012 comes along, I wanted to remember 2011. It was a year where Continue Reading →

Un Verano Ajetreado >> Spanish Friday

[English translation below; Traducción en ingles al final] Yo casi no conseguí tiempo para escribir este el “Spanish Friday” esta semana. El post de esta semana será corta. Casi tengo el apartamento hasta el punto donde esta satisfactoria. A pesar de que no estoy trabajando ahora, todavía tengo mucho trabajo que hacer. Continue Reading →

Top 3 twitter posts of my lunch hour

Here are the top three twitter posts that caught my interest during the lunch hour: 9 ways to land a PR job after graduation | Articles — Amy Sauertieg (@asauertieg) June 6, 2011 Higher density means world forests are capturing more carbon: A new study challenges measurements … Continue Reading →

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, everyone, whether you are celebrating Spring or protesting for better pay! When I think of May,  I think of warm weather, my younger brother’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and roses. Roses and May make me think of musician Erutan/Katethegreat19. This song is from her YouTube page. It features Continue Reading →

Things We Say Wrong via WhatYouOughtToKnow

This video captures, in a nutshell, most of the butchered  language that make English teachers and writers cringe. At the same time, these language differences capture differences in socioeconomic class, geography, and the formality or informality of a situation. Related Articles The Fossils of Concepts ( Mysterious language spoken by Continue Reading →

My Life in Pennsylvania So Far II

For those of you who are keeping track of my move to Pennsylvania for my M.A. in American studies, this is for you. Alright, so it’s been a while since I last posted a video like this, but here is a summary of my life in Pennsylvania during the school Continue Reading →

Schools Need Parents’ Help to Succeed

President Obama says that schools need parents’ help to succeed. This was the title of a headline by the Associated Press. I have to admit the article did get me rather annoyed. Haven’t educators around the United States been saying this for years? Will things change now that President Obama Continue Reading →

Literary Comparison: Mark Twain and Harper Lee

Here is a post on an assignment for my Introduction to American Studies class in which I had to “consider another author and/or pivotal literary work that I considered to have entered American imagination, and raised thorny questions of representation, comparable to Fishkin’s argument for Mark Twain.”  Any critiques are Continue Reading →