Un Verano Ajetreado >> Spanish Friday

[English translation below; Traducción en ingles al final] Yo casi no conseguí tiempo para escribir este el “Spanish Friday” esta semana. El post de esta semana será corta. Casi tengo el apartamento hasta el punto donde esta satisfactoria. A pesar de que no estoy trabajando ahora, todavía tengo mucho trabajo que hacer. Continue Reading →

Borrón y Cuenta Neuva >> Spanish Friday

 ¡Hasta el próximo viernes! (Siéntesen libre de comentar sobre las correcciones en los comentarios. He añadido una traducción al final del post.) A Clean Slate >> Spanish Friday I have been taking advantage of having a clean slate by doing a lot of nothing. I don’t have a car. I have a new apartment. Connecticut has actually changed enough while I’ve been gone that it is sometimes unfamiliar. Then again, saying that I’ve been doing nothing is not accurate, either. I Continue Reading →

Mi Nuevo Proyecto: Diseño de Apartamento

Tengo la intención de mover mi cama aquí y usar libreros para crear un muro. Decidí ya que sólo estará en este espacio por un corto tiempo, no lo voy a pintar, aunque el amarillo no es mi color favorito. Si usted tiene alguna idea, no dude en enviar un Continue Reading →

Voy a extrañar bailar salsa en Harrisburg

[English translation below; Traducción en ingles al final] ¡Este es mi primer post de «Spanish Friday» y el primero escrito completamente en español! Decidí tomar este desafío, porque Señora López proponó un reto en su blog, Latinaish.com. (Chequea lo en algún momento.) No espere la perfección ya que por lo Continue Reading →

My new challenge: Spanish Friday

Blogger Tracy López, also known as Señora López, of Latinaish.com has put forth a challenge. Although I’m a little late in accepting, here is the challenge she has put forth:  I must write my usual blog post in Spanish on that Friday. (Don’t worry, there won’t be any Friday Features Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Presence >> Sunday Sense

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Rudyard Kipling quotes (English short-story writer, poet, and novelist. Nobel Prize(1907), 1865-1936) Happy Mother’s Day! This Sunday Sense quote is pretty straight forward! Hope all the mothers out there enjoy their special  day. To those single fathers out there, Happy Continue Reading →

Japanese Textbooks Are Entertaining (via thatjapanesegirl)

This makes me want to take up studying Japanese again this summer and reminds me why learning languages can be so fun. I need to keep my mind challenged after this thesis is written or else it will turn to mush. Make sure to check out thatjapanesegirl on YouTube and Continue Reading →

Sunday Sense: A mother’s worth

Una onza de madre vale una tonelada de cura. – Spanish Proverb An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest. Happy Mother’s Day! This Sunday Sense quote is pretty straight forward and I think that it explains itself. Hope all the mothers out there enjoy their special  day. Continue Reading →

Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English

The above title was the headline in this morning’s The Dallas Morning News. The U.S. South hasn’t been painting a good picture of itself over the past week and a half in regards to racism.First, there was the incident with the Justice of the Peace in Louisiana and now this Continue Reading →

My Personal Identity Essay: Living in Spanglish

Below is the personal identity essay that I wrote for my Race and Ethnicity class. It was originally written on September 13, 2009. Any critiques are welcome. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Living in Spanglish Every once in a while, I end up getting asked the question, “Where are you from,” or “Where were Continue Reading →