Happy Three King’s Day! ¡Feliz Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos!

The original post of mine that this is adapted from can be found here: _______________________________ Happy Three King’s Day! ¡Feliz Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos! On the feast of the Epiphany, Christians celebrate the manifestation of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, it is also celebrated as the day the Continue Reading →

Santa Issues & Other Thoughts – One Blogger’s Perspective

Let me start this off by saying that as one who celebrates Christmas, I actually don’t mind most of the trappings of the holiday. My issue is Santa! Yes…Santa. Somehow, the American-version of Santa has always fallen short for me.  Here’s why: 1. I’m too smart for own good: I figured Continue Reading →

Martes Trece- Bad Luck Tuesday!

People in Anglo-Saxon cultures tend to watch their backs and think of the prime day for bad luck as being on Friday the 13th. Meanwhile, in Spain, Latin America, and Greece Tuesday is the day to look out for. (Friday the 13th is a day I am a fan of Continue Reading →

Of compound eyes and hallucinogenic evolution

I’ve always been a fan of the paleontology and like many children I went through a dinosaur phase. (Complete with making my parents buying those mail order fossils and chunks of petrified wood.) It is the reason why this article about the apex predator of the seas, 500 million years Continue Reading →

LED bulbs hit 100 watts as federal ban looms (via Associated Press)

The warm, amber light of incandescent light bulbs is on its way out, ending a 130-year relationship with Thomas Edison’s invention that brightened the modern world. While this does mean that mood lighting will be a lot harder to come by, developments in technologies are now moving forward with more Continue Reading →

Why Microsoft is Buying Skype for $8.5 Billion (via GigaOM)

As a user of Microsoft and Skype, I have been following this development since I first caught wind of it on the blogosphere. As of today, May 10th, 2011, Skype is now property of Microsoft. For those who want the details, here they are: Updated at 12 midnight: Microsoft has Continue Reading →

Osama Bin Laden Confirmed Dead >> What does this mean?

Twitter, the blogoshpere , Facebook, and the news networks are all buzzing non-stop over this. The questions that run to the forefront of my mind are: What does this mean for America and the world now? Will the troops be pulled out? Will the situation of the global economy improve? Continue Reading →

My Austria Trip (November 2010)

Here is one of the first catch-up posts. (I should be working on my thesis, but I honestly need a brain break.) There won’t be too many of these since I want to post about fresh events and need to finish my thesis. I visited Innsbruck ,Austria from November 10 Continue Reading →

The Noguchi Museum in Queens (via Visualingual)

This post on The Noguchi Museum in Queens is brought to you via Visualingual. (I feel like a PBS broadcaster or something saying that.) This would be the focus of a Things I Like post since I love a good museum, but I have never actually been to this museum Continue Reading →

Things I Like: Charging Bull, New York City

This “Things I Like” post is continuing is the temporary theme of New York City and is being posted out-of-sequence to make up for some of the missed postings over the summer. So far, I discussed SoHo, The Met, and the River to River Festival.This time I’m looking at the Continue Reading →