Wooden Sunglasses Worth the Investment

It’s difficult enough to find a regular pair of glasses to wear, so I thought that the quest for a pair of wooden sunglasses worth the investment would be nearly impossible. I had resorted to using plastic sunglasses that I could quickly slap on for driving, but I couldn’t really Continue Reading →

Top 5 Lunch Break Tweets

London Ranks At The Top For Most Fashionable City In The World http://t.co/tyAEa88 — Complex (@ComplexMag) August 18, 2011 Vote James T. O'Neill. Your vote is appreciated. Poll: AoM Put Up Your Dukes Photo Contest http://t.co/oywkcq5 — Jose Feliciano (@lifeclearhazy) August 18, 2011 New post: Japanese mummies! http://t.co/KQFbglp — Tofugu Continue Reading →

Internet Random Fact Lists >> Things I Like

So, I am finally posting something for Things I Like. Well, here it is! I like: Internet Random Fact Lists I don’t really know why. I guess I have this thing for trivia and facts that can be inserted into conversations or be used as conversation starters. Plus, they are Continue Reading →

Mutant Pointy Boots Become Fashion Craze

The pointy boot fad has absolutely exploded in Matehuala, Mexico. This is way beyond your average, pointed-toe cowboy boot. I want to see someone walking down the street in these crazy boots. I actually wish I had been able to when I visited Texas in mid-April during Holy Week. This Continue Reading →

My Thesis: Fashion & Identity

Below is my Thesis Abstract. It basically lets you know what caused my great lack of blog posts and what took up my time for the past 4 months (Jan. 2011-Apr. 2011). This is the bare bones of my thesis project and all that it entailed. As usual, copyright and Continue Reading →

Friday Feature: The Urban Gentleman

This Friday’s feature article is on a blog that I’ve grown fond of: The Urban Gentleman.  The Urban Gentleman defines itself as: A basic guide to men’s fashion and grooming with an urban twist. The Urban Gent covers everything from how-to-tie-a-tie to the best dressed men in Hollywood. Also covers Continue Reading →

Things I Like: Petrilude, Freelance make-up artist

Today’s “Things I Like” is about a favorite freelance makeup artist that I love watching on YouTube named Petrilude. The man knows his make-up and does a series of videos related to costume makeup for one of my favorite holidays: Halloween. Petrilude’s real name is Josh (or Joshua.) This 25-year-old, Continue Reading →

Things I Like: The Met, New York City

This “Things I Like” focuses on the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Jeff Koons Exhibit on the Rooftop Garden, 2008

Things I Like: SoHo, New York City

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.The “Things I Like” series is going to temporarily follow a series theme: New York City.  I know the “Things I Like” series has lagged.  I apologize for this, but it was due to the increase in schoolwork in March (I had a conference Continue Reading →

My Basics

This was an idea that I got from The Urban Gentleman blog, where they had photos of a man’s basics – that is to say, a photo of the items that are most essential to a man. I thought it was a very cool concept and decided to post a Continue Reading →