Happy February!

February is thought of as a month to appreciate love and loved ones. In celebration of that theme, I am posting the video of the Free Hugs Campaign event that I was a part of back in June 2012. The campaign reaches out to others under the premise that,  “Sometimes, Continue Reading →

Happy Beltane/MayDay!

Happy Beltane/May Day, everyone! In celebration of Beltane/May Day, I’m posting up a bawdy little song about May celebrating that is straight from the Renaissance. I used to sing this and other madrigal songs when I was in madrigal choir in high school. Really though, pay attention to the words Continue Reading →

The Power of Words >> Sunday Sense

This Sunday Sense post was inspired by Kim’s May 15th, 2011 post (It’s a Beautiful Day and I Can’t See It) on her blog The Creative Addiction Blog. It is the first ever video “Sunday Sense” post. I watched it there first and haven’t been able to forget it since. Despite the fact Continue Reading →

Mi Nuevo Proyecto: Diseño de Apartamento

Tengo la intención de mover mi cama aquí y usar libreros para crear un muro. Decidí ya que sólo estará en este espacio por un corto tiempo, no lo voy a pintar, aunque el amarillo no es mi color favorito. Si usted tiene alguna idea, no dude en enviar un Continue Reading →

Moving Back Home: Hail Storms, shared spaces, and more

It might be the best/worst/most regrettable/most financially necessary decision I have ever made – I have moved back into my parents’ home. Moving proved to be an adventure in itself as I faced tornado-spawning thunderstorm that rained hail down on the moving truck as I drove up I-81 in Pennsylvania Continue Reading →

Beyoncé – “Run The World (Girls)” is Fashion Eye Candy

Beyoncé’s elaborate music video for the new single “Run the World (Girls),” premiered during “American Idol” tonight (May 18) and is on YouTube. While the lyrics are still growing on me despite listening to the song since mid-April, the beat is definitely infectious. I have definitely jammed to it in Continue Reading →

Mutant Pointy Boots Become Fashion Craze

The pointy boot fad has absolutely exploded in Matehuala, Mexico. This is way beyond your average, pointed-toe cowboy boot. I want to see someone walking down the street in these crazy boots. I actually wish I had been able to when I visited Texas in mid-April during Holy Week. This Continue Reading →

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, everyone, whether you are celebrating Spring or protesting for better pay! When I think of May,  I think of warm weather, my younger brother’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and roses. Roses and May make me think of musician Erutan/Katethegreat19. This song is from her YouTube page. It features Continue Reading →

Japanese Textbooks Are Entertaining (via thatjapanesegirl)

This makes me want to take up studying Japanese again this summer and reminds me why learning languages can be so fun. I need to keep my mind challenged after this thesis is written or else it will turn to mush. Make sure to check out thatjapanesegirl on YouTube and Continue Reading →