Wooden Sunglasses Worth the Investment

It’s difficult enough to find a regular pair of glasses to wear, so I thought that the quest for a pair of wooden sunglasses worth the investment would be nearly impossible. I had resorted to using plastic sunglasses that I could quickly slap on for driving, but I couldn’t really Continue Reading →

Top 5 Lunch Break Tweets

London Ranks At The Top For Most Fashionable City In The World http://t.co/tyAEa88 — Complex (@ComplexMag) August 18, 2011 Vote James T. O'Neill. Your vote is appreciated. Poll: AoM Put Up Your Dukes Photo Contest http://t.co/oywkcq5 — Jose Feliciano (@lifeclearhazy) August 18, 2011 New post: Japanese mummies! http://t.co/KQFbglp — Tofugu Continue Reading →

Internet Random Fact Lists >> Things I Like

So, I am finally posting something for Things I Like. Well, here it is! I like: Internet Random Fact Lists I don’t really know why. I guess I have this thing for trivia and facts that can be inserted into conversations or be used as conversation starters. Plus, they are Continue Reading →

Beyoncé – “Run The World (Girls)” is Fashion Eye Candy

Beyoncé’s elaborate music video for the new single “Run the World (Girls),” premiered during “American Idol” tonight (May 18) and is on YouTube. While the lyrics are still growing on me despite listening to the song since mid-April, the beat is definitely infectious. I have definitely jammed to it in Continue Reading →

Mutant Pointy Boots Become Fashion Craze

The pointy boot fad has absolutely exploded in Matehuala, Mexico. This is way beyond your average, pointed-toe cowboy boot. I want to see someone walking down the street in these crazy boots. I actually wish I had been able to when I visited Texas in mid-April during Holy Week. This Continue Reading →

My Thesis: Fashion & Identity

Below is my Thesis Abstract. It basically lets you know what caused my great lack of blog posts and what took up my time for the past 4 months (Jan. 2011-Apr. 2011). This is the bare bones of my thesis project and all that it entailed. As usual, copyright and Continue Reading →

Friday Feature: The Urban Gentleman

This Friday’s feature article is on a blog that I’ve grown fond of: The Urban Gentleman.  The Urban Gentleman defines itself as: A basic guide to men’s fashion and grooming with an urban twist. The Urban Gent covers everything from how-to-tie-a-tie to the best dressed men in Hollywood. Also covers Continue Reading →

Things I Like: Petrilude, Freelance make-up artist

Today’s “Things I Like” is about a favorite freelance makeup artist that I love watching on YouTube named Petrilude. The man knows his make-up and does a series of videos related to costume makeup for one of my favorite holidays: Halloween. Petrilude’s real name is Josh (or Joshua.) This 25-year-old, Continue Reading →

Things I Like: SoHo, New York City

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.The “Things I Like” series is going to temporarily follow a series theme: New York City.  I know the “Things I Like” series has lagged.  I apologize for this, but it was due to the increase in schoolwork in March (I had a conference Continue Reading →

My Basics

This was an idea that I got from The Urban Gentleman blog, where they had photos of a man’s basics – that is to say, a photo of the items that are most essential to a man. I thought it was a very cool concept and decided to post a Continue Reading →