Looking forward to 2018

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The hours are counting down to 2018. 2017 was a year of major achievements, crucial decisions, and personal transformations. I grew deeper into my role as a parent and father; learned from old adventures & went on new ones; and spent time exploring my limits, often while upside down & barely hanging on, both figuratively and literally. There were also times to pause and reflect on the beauty of things and times where I truly soared.

Every year, I create an experiential activity goal for myself or the ability to prep for one. One year, it was bartending classes. Another year, it was pole fitness, which grew into a continued hobby. I’ve created my list for 2018, but I’m swapping out one of the things giving me less meaning overall: the gym. It’s not that I’m moving away from fitness or the challenges it presents. It’s a matter of investing my time and money in something that brings me more joy. Here’s the look at what might be a bigger part of my new year.

1. Take more pole classes & buy paralettes & equalizer bars for the home gym;
2. Take a trapeze course;
3. Take a parkour basics course;
4. Take a breakdancing or hip hop course;
5. Take up rock climbing;
6. Take up archery (including buying the bow & arrows);
7. Take a set of wilderness survival classes including basic survival, wilderness medicine, snares & deadfalls;
8. Throw it in a savings account receiving 1.25% interest or an ETF averaging 7% returns;
9. Use it for trip to the City or several museum trips with Alexander during the year.

I presented this list to the Facebook Hivemind and the suggestions are still coming in, but I know that regardless of what I choose to do, it’ll be yet another way of learning, growing, and exploring.

I’m looking forward to working towards good & beauty in 2018.

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