Wooden Sunglasses Worth the Investment

It’s difficult enough to find a regular pair of glasses to wear, so I thought that the quest for a pair of wooden sunglasses worth the investment would be nearly impossible. I had resorted to using plastic sunglasses that I could quickly slap on for driving, but I couldn’t really use them on a daily basis for work or leisure since they kind of made me look like a kid playing dress-up. Then, I discovered Arc-Iris.

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I was able to obtain a coupon for a pair of Arc-Iris sunglasses through an Instagram giveaway I participated in on a whim. After winning the coupon, any worries about not being able to find a pair of sunglasses I’d like were gone with one look at the company’s collection. They have plenty of styles from wayfarers to slim, modern looks and a variety of colors. The Arc-Iris Koa Hybrid Split Wooden Sunglasses proved to make the choice an easy one for me.

The Hybrid Split sunglasses have a rectangular frame with sleek lines that are modern enough to be worn casually, but classic and formal enough that I could pair them with a suit and tie for work and not have them look out of place. The two-tone temple in rich, brown koa and onyx makes it so that I could match these sunglasses with any item in my wardrobe.

All of the sunglasses in the Arc-Iris collection are made of 100% wood and designed and hand-crafted in the United States. The wood used is not only a renewable resource, but the company makes sure it is not sourced from endangered or banned-species lists. Each pair is unique since no two pieces of wood or hand-crafted products are truly alike. The sunglasses are also high quality in other ways. Each pair has Swiss-machined hinges that make for a comfortable fit. You can choose between polarized or gradient lenses crafted by Carl Zeiss, so you know you are getting some top-notch lenses to compliment the fantastic frames. I chose the gradient lenses since I tend to read or glance down at my phone when I’m outdoors.

The microfiber bag that comes with the sunglasses provides some protection for the product, but you can also buy a hard case for them from the website. Arc-Iris also sells a cleaning kit for the wooden sunglasses to help refinish and polish the frames as well as clean the lenses. While they are sturdy, I wouldn’t recommend leaving them in your car or giving them a good soaking. The company recommends that you avoid high temperatures and too much moisture and being that they are wood, I could imagine them eventually splitting from repeated high heat in a car during the summer or swelling from water if you wore them while swimming enough times. Arc-Iris’s product is attractive and well-crafted so I wouldn’t think you’d want to leave it behind in a car or damage the wood by soaking it.

I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on my Hybrid Split sunglasses. I’m looking forward to wearing my Arc-Iris sunglasses often and really incorporating them into my style as a staple accessory.

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Arc-Iris Front view

Arc-Iris Side view

Designed and Handcrafted in the USA

Price: $185 (free shipping in the United States)

For more information, visit the following link: https://arc-iris.com/

*This review and all opinions are my own

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