Welcoming our first child

It’s official! Our inside baby has officially become an outside baby and we have welcomed our first child into our home.

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We have taken his arrival in stride since we have been preparing for so long. Christine and I agreed I could tweet about his arrival until the point where her labor became more intense and we hit “all hands on deck” mode. We had both discussed how much we want the baby to show in social media, etc… The social media posts proved to be a fun account of our journey and allowed friends and family, like my brother in Japan, to get an idea of what was going on. This blog post will serve as a story for those inquiring minds who want to know how it all went down.

The arrival process [labor] all started on Pi Day, March 14, 2016. Christine was scheduled to be induced the evening of March 15, but baby had other ideas. After our final OB/GYN appointment Pi Day morning, Christine and I carpooled into work. (I drove.) We were as ready as we were going to be. The carseat was in my backseat and all of our hospital bags, including my snacks so I wouldn’t get hangry or woozy from lack of food, were packed in the trunk. The morning was uneventful and I spent it wrapping up final projects and walking the folks in my department through some final tasks they would need to cover in my absence.

I met up with Christine just down the block from where we both worked and she told me she was feeling crampy, like she had period cramps, but with the added bonus of a painful contraction every 15 minutes. We excitedly ate lunch and when we parted ways I told her to call me if her water broke or her contractions really kicked in.

Nothing happened. I picked her up at 5:05 PM and by the time we got home, the contractions were 10 minutes apart. We called our friend who was going to watch the house and our dog, Lulu, while we were gone. When she came over we counted down the contractions, except that they were irregular. We’d get a good pattern going for an hour and then a long break of 25 minutes or so and then they’d be back at 15 minutes apart. We finished watching The Walking Dead episode we’d missed from Sunday, talked some, and then got bored/decided it was better to get sleep while we could.

We were in bed by 10:30 PM. The contractions fell into a pattern of about 9.5 minutes apart around 3:30 AM and we counted until around 5 AM. Things started to feel real. The baby was on his way.


At 7:28 that morning, right before our alarms were set to go off, Christine was woken up by a contraction. I packed up the pillows and my Macbook Air and Christine headed into the shower with contractions coming steadily at 8 minutes apart. Then, 4.5 minutes into the shower, the contractions became more frequent at 4.5 minutes about. We’d skipped nearly 4 minutes, called the doctor, and headed to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 9 AM on March 15 and learned that Christine was already more than half way there at 6 centimeters dilated.

The doctors were impressed with Christine and how calm she was during labor.

Christine’s water was broken and she got purple popsicle perks.

Christine’s labor really got intense around 2 PM. That was when she was put on pitocin to progress her labor since it had been nearly 5 hours and she had only dilated another centimeter. She was in back labor for a while and in more pain than I had ever seen her even when she had gotten a pinched nerve one time and I had to wheel her around in a wheel chair. At 2:50 PM she was given some painkillers to get her through the contractions, but she refused the epidural. [The OB/GYN would later smile, shake his head, and say she was stubborn.]

I was much calmer during the entire process than I though I would be. Numerous hospital visits for family and friends as well as watching surgeries while eating dinner had rendered me more immune that I thought to blood and bodily fluids. I also had the advantage of being around babies for a good part of my life, so I was understanding of the whole process and what to expect. I was fine right until the end when the contractions were at their worst and the baby was coming out regardless of whether or not the doctors and nurses were all prepared. I kept turning to the monitor, then to Christine, and then to the doctor and nurse who had checked in on us all day. I didn’t say much because I didn’t want the worry to carry in my voice and make things harder for Christine.

Christine was put on oxygen so that she or the baby didn’t go into distress and then I was instructed to help turn her from one side to the other. With that motion, baby flipped so that she wasn’t in back labor any more and he was on his way out. Three pushes and at 4:59 that afternoon, our baby boy, Alexander, was born. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 7 oz with a head of dark hair. He was everything we could have hoped for.





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  1. rluquis29

    Congrats again. Enjoy every moment on the next few weeks, months, years. Time goes fast, but being a parent in the most rewarding experience you would ever have. – Raffy Luquis

  2. Tracy López

    Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Alexander! 🙂

    Enjoy this very special time together, little Feliciano family. It’ll be as full as exhaustion as it is joy. Wishing health to baby and mama.

  3. Deborah Baker

    Congratulations! I know you were “ready” when I saw you March 10 — so glad that all turned out well, and glad to meet Alexander.


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