AoM Journaling Challenge Day 19: Deep Listening

Headphones, Listen, Advice

Today’s AoM Journaling Challenge:

Reflect on your romantic relationship(s), and identify one area in which you’d like to improve. Be it your wife, fiance, or new girlfriend, there’s sure to be something you can do to make the relationship even better. If you don’t have a romantic partner in your life, perhaps you can identify past failures that you’d like to improve in your future relationships. You can choose to talk about this with your partner, or not. Either way, you’ve now put your relationship top-of-mind and will be more attuned to being intentional about keeping it healthy.

This one is easy. One area I’d like to improve in my romantic relationship is listening. In actuality this is an area that I would like to improve on in all of my relationships. While I am a good active listener, the area in which I always need to be aware is refraining from trying to fix a problem when someone is complaining or just venting. It’s one of the way that I have to say I’m stereotypically male. If I here someone is having a crisis, I start thinking of possible solutions. Christine and I, have easily gotten around this. When she truly needs me to just listen, she simply tells me, “I need you to just listen. I’m just venting.” Unless, she asks for my spin on things, I know that for that particular conversation, she just wants to feel listened to. It’s simple, but effective and it saves her feeling like she’s interrupted, being lectured or patronized, or not being listened to.

This writing prompt got me thinking about what other areas I would like to improve in my relationships. In the meantime, I have a particular voice stuck in my head. My Zelda fan reader will only groan. Play with caution or you may be haunted by this voice, too.

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