AoM Journaling Challenge Day 18: Tangible Connections


Garden, Green, Bulbs, growing, tangible connectionsToday’s AoM Journaling Challenge:

Identify one project you’d like to complete with your hands. There’s something special about a man doing work with his bare hands, and most men today have lost that. Maybe you want to start a garden, or build a workbench in your garage. Maybe you’ve been meaning to upgrade your bathroom on your own volition. Once you identify that one project, write about what you have to do in order to complete it. Detail the steps, the resources, the help you’ll need, etc. Then, set about doing it. Come back to this entry as motivation when you see yourself wavering.

My mother was and is always one to try to have fresh vegetables on the table when she can. I remember how excited she would get about being able to make salads with fresh tomatoes in the summer. Due to her love of fresh foods, one of the things I had when I was growing up was a garden. In the Spring, my mother and father would buy sweet pepper, bell pepper, and tomato plants. My father would get a garden rake, a metal shovel , and the pitch fork. Together the four of us would break up the earth that had packed and settled over the winter and get My younger brother and I were in change of the garden’s upkeep. We would weed the garden and water it and add in compost when needed from the big compost pile we maintained.

The one project I would like to complete this year is either a flower garden, herb, garden or small vegetable garden. I would like to get back into the habit of growing something green that also provides for everyone, whether through aesthetics, nutrition or both. It is also a project that my father offered to do with me when Christine and I first purchased our home and I feel that it will be a good bonding event for the family to do in the spring amidst all of the change the baby will bring. Currently, I see the front yard garden beds being the thing that I tackle since they look a little sad after this winter. I’d ultimately like to see them be a blended flower and herb garden.

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