AoM Journaling Challenge Day 16: Imagine a book about me

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Today’s AoM Journaling Challenge:

Imagine that someone has decided to write a book about your life, just up to this point. What would the cover blurb say? Be honest here. Is it kind of boring? Are you happy with it? Now imagine what you’d like that blurb to say at the end of your life. What changes need to made for that to happen?

If someone were to write a book about my life, well, it would read very much like this blog’s title and description. I would be happy with the book, even in it’s present form, and it would only get more interesting as my life goes on. Ideally, I would separate my book into a series of perhaps 3 or 4 different books. Take a gander at what book number one’s cover jacket might read like:

Life: Clear Yet Hazy
One man’s explorations on life in all its clarity & uncertainty.

Featuring narrative essays, short stories, and conceptual pieces as well as unique doodles and never-before-seen photos, José Feliciano’s Life Clear Yet Hazy delivers colorful characters, humor amidst serious prose, and plenty of fun twists and turns.

Feliciano takes readers to places from the streets of Japan to the rural roads of Pennsylvania. He tells the tale of the time he made his brother a vegetarian for a day just to get extra hamburgers at dinner. He recounts stories of being trapped in hailstorms on mountainsides to waging battles in the coming great stink bug war. He revisits a whirlwind night of running through side streets and reaching out to the Alamo. Life: Clear Yet Hazy, reflects on world views, examines the human condition, and asks the important questions like, “What if ninja’s invaded right now and you had to get away in five moves?”

Feliciano’s unique voice and brilliant mind provides a read that varies, but will keep readers in engaged from beginning to end.


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