AoM Journaling Challenge Day 14: Experiencing Poetry by Hannah Drake

Today’s AoM Journaling Challenge:

Write a review of some form of entertainment you recently took in. Whether book or movie or TV show or Broadway play, write out what you liked and didn’t like about it. Was the acting/writing good? Could you follow the story? Is there anything you can take from it about life, or was it purely entertainment? This is often one of the most enjoyable entries to write, as it’s especially fun (and quite nostalgic) to go back and read these in the future. I can imagine that 10 years from now I will thoroughly appreciate my thoughts from this week on Roy Baumeister’s Is There Anything Good About Men?.

I spent most of my work day at an all-day arts professionals conference for work. I got to see the state troubadour, see a full performance excerpt, and multiple poets. One of the pieces of poetry that stood out the most to me was by Hannah Drake of IDEAxLabs. Hannah is nationally renowned, an artist-advocate, and believes that poetry can ignite transformation. The passion in her work was apparent in the poem she performed for the event I attended. The poem was powerful, feminist, inspirational, and received a standing ovation from others in the audience. While I wasn’t able to get a recording of the performed poem, I was able to find a sample of some of the spoken word work that she does.  You’ll be able to see and hear the soul that she provides to her words and the skill with which she carries her audience:

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