AoM Journaling Challenge Day 12: Stream-of-consciousness

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Today’s AoM Journaling Challenge:

Give stream-of-consciousness writing a try. This is where you basically just write out whatever comes into your head at the moment it comes into your head. It can feel bizarre, and it’s certainly not structured, but it can lead to some valuable insights into what’s going on in your mind. I’ll give you a 10-second example from right now, while looking out my window: “Boy, I have a nice-looking grill outside and the weather is beautiful…just what we need after all this cold and snow. That cloud looks like a ship from Star Wars… it makes me want to be outside.. maybe I need to spend more time outside and appreciate the fresh air. Perhaps I’ll open a window!” Random? Absolutely. Offering some helpful insight about my desire/need for fresh air? Affirmative. Try this out for 10-15 minutes. You may uncover something — no matter how small — you hadn’t previously realized.

Here goes:

There is no way I’m going to waste 10-15 minutes of my readers’ time free-writing for this long. Can I do it? Will this be interesting? Depending on how slowly I type it might take less space than I thought. Ugh. Why am I typing so slowly. I keep on mistyping things because I am thinking about typing. Are you kidding? You misspelled “typing” again. I need to figure out whether or not I can get vacation time for camping. Oh my God… we would have to reserve a camp site for three. I can’t believe we’ll have triple reservations for everything. Damn, Christine doesn’t realize I’m in the middle of blogging and is going to talk to me. Hear her out and nod. If you talk you’re gonna lose this. Stop, going back and fixing things. That is what spellchecking is for. Damn, my leg would itch now. I need to go swimming. I wonder how ashy my legs are. What time is it? 20:14, okay I can go to the gym at 9 and get a good workout in and some swimming. I need to clean my keyboard. I’m blanking. I feel like I need to write something. I need to figure out what to do for my birthday. Oh gosh. I’m going to have my first birthday as a dad. Wait, I already had that except he was still an inside baby. The back of my left knee itches now. Why does this always happen when I have to concentrate? Oh, wow, not bad I’ve already been typing for about 6 minutes. Hmm…I talk in my head as I type. Also, Nicki Minaj’s Grand Piano is still stuck in my head. “Like a grand piano! And now the people.” Blanking again. Is this really how uninteresting my thoughts are. Christine was right I should have eaten more food. I’m just gonna grab some almonds and chocolate covered pomegranate jewels. Totally eavesdropping on the phone call. What? My nephew put on roll-on perfume? What the hell? He can get that off with rubbing alcohol or vodka if it is oil-based or alcohol-based. It’s ridiculous that I know that. It’s flowery? It’s probably Avon. Ugh! Okay, you go this. Focus. Am I going to have to put Lulu out before the gym? Yeah, I should. Okay. How much time has gone by? Oh wow, just 30 more seconds and it’ll be 10 minutes. I should do more pole conditioning exercises. Maybe I should check out the weekend schedule. Oh, shoot I just hit time. Ten minutes and 16 seconds. BOOM. Beast.

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