Becoming a Dad

“So, do I get all those benefits now?”

I remember the morning that I first learned I was going to be a father. It was just around 9:30 AM on the second Saturday of July. The sheets smelled faintly of campfire smoke since Christine and I had crawled straight into bed early that morning after a “firepit Friday” at the home of two of our married friends. We had recently gone on our first cruise with the two of them to the east Caribbean. We claimed it was our last big trip before we had a baby. The four of us had spent the night laughing, enjoying the fire, making sure our dogs stayed clear of the flames, and talking about eventually growing our families.

Sunlight streamed through the curtains into the room and I stretched out in bed, relishing having the whole bed to myself since Christine had just gotten up to use the bathroom. I made a mental note that the sheets needed to be washed, today. Once she was out, I went in, brushed my teeth, and got back into bed as our dog stirred. I would only have a few minutes before I had to let her out. She was already noodling around the foot of the bed. Christine came in, the corners of her mouth upturned in a small smirk she only gets when she knows something I don’t. She asked:

“So, do I get all those benefits now?”

My mind flashed back to the conversation the night before where we laughed about all of the benefits and special treatment that come with pregnancy. I rushed into the bathroom. There, on the corner of the tub was a pregnancy test that I had somehow overlooked. I picked it up and saw a plus sign. My mind blanked. How the hell did these things work?

Wait! What?! What does it mean?!” I yelled.

“Look at it!”

I read the directions. There was definitely a second blue line creating a perfect cross and it was not faded or broken. Christine was pregnant! We were going to have a baby!

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I hugged and kissed her while we both laughed. Lulu excitedly hopped around us. The sticcato of her claws on the hardwood and thump of her stomping added to the sudden noise and excitement of the morning.

“You’re a mom.”

I flopped onto the bed beginning to feel overwhelmed and Christine smiled and replied:

“You’re a dad.”

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