AoM Journaling Challenge Day 7: A week of posting

Today’s AoM Journaling Challenge:

You’ve made it one week! Reflect on what this newfound practice has been like. Getting through the first seven consecutive days is truly the hardest part. Have you enjoyed it? Has it been difficult? Has it been what you expected?

I’ve made it to one week and it has proven to be harder than I thought it would. As you may have noticed from the posting times on Twitter and Facebook, the hardest part for me has been writing at a consistent time.

I am enjoying that I’m finally writing something and that I have some freedom not to worry as much about quality as I usually do since part of the challenge is to treat these posts as a free write. Still, I have found myself  drafting posts in preparation for the days that I know I will end up really busy and unable to post without scheduling. Alternatively, I’ve also created some notes on paper as a brainstorm for future posts in the particular AoM blog serial. I’m hoping to get more comfortable with writing substantive, larger posts that are still engaging.

As for other things, that I have accomplished in this challenge, Day 3 and Day 4 of the AoM Journaling Challenge made me reflect on my life and what I want to immediately get out of it in regards to positive habits and negative habits. I will follow-up in another post on my progress with those two endeavors as they are way too new to report on right now. Similar to the changes the “habit posts” made me focus on, Day 6 made me take a look at the way we view masculinity. I’m looking forward to exploring that particular theme in future posts.

Well, that is all now. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s writing prompt and challenge.

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