Happy Beltane/MayDay!

Happy Beltane/May Day, everyone!

In celebration of Beltane/May Day, I’m posting up a bawdy little song about May celebrating that is straight from the Renaissance. I used to sing this and other madrigal songs when I was in madrigal choir in high school. Really though, pay attention to the words and you’ll see what I mean about it being risqué.  Hint: The “fa la la” in this song is more like the modern day edit for some Top 40 Radio pop songs. You’ve gotta love Elizabethan England for that one.

Hope you enjoy Thomas Morley’s,  “Now is the month of Maying.” I’ll be singing it and smirking all day.

(Oh, and for those of you who are interested in music theory, “Fa La La” can also just be an insert, monophonic repetition that is representing of cheerful music. Then again, there might be a reason other than food and drink for why everyone is so cheerful.)

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