Martes Trece- Bad Luck Tuesday!

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People in Anglo-Saxon cultures tend to watch their backs and think of the prime day for bad luck as being on Friday the 13th. Meanwhile, in Spain, Latin America, and Greece Tuesday is the day to look out for. (Friday the 13th is a day I am a fan of actually!)

Martes (Tuesday) is linguistically linked with Mars, the god of war and violence. (The same is true for Greece and a number of other cultures.) Amongst bad Tuesday events in history are the Fall of Constantinople (not a good thing from the Greek and Western European perspective.) The biblical confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel is also supposed to have happened on a Tuesday the 13th.  This means that even your typical Tuesday isn’t considered to be the best of days from a folkloric point of view.

In Spanish-speaking cultures there are even a number of dichos (sayings) associated with the bad luck associated with Tuesday. One that comes to mind is, “En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques.” (“On Tuesday, neither marry nor embark.”) One wonders if the part about embarking refers to far away travels or even short trips to the grocery store. Regardless, on martes trece you can expect standard Tuesday mala suerte (bad luck) to be doubled.

The combination of Tuesday with trece (the number 13), a número that has long had negative connotations, pushes Tuesday the 13th into the same territory that Friday the 13th has for some.

So, this Tuesday the 13th I wish you, “¡Buena suerte!” Good Luck!

Regardless of what you believe about Tuesday the 13th, try to do your best to relax and have a great day, even if that means staying indoors until the day and streaming videos. Remember you learned something new today, so this martes trece is not all bad!

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