Of time management, life, & this blog

So, it has been nearly a full two months since I posted. June ended. July came and went. So did my birthday.There were a lot of unexpected events in that time. Joy, pain, laughter, sorrow, anger, love, loss, contentedness – I experienced these all. Now, I finally have a little breathing room as more unexpected things come up. I should be planning, but my mind needs a break. I want to gather my thoughts.

I sit here typing this as I procrastinate on getting my portfolio completed for yet another unexpected event: a job fair that I heard about last minute and is being held tomorrow. Still, I wonder:

What have I learned over the past two months? What has been accomplished?

1. I have learned that opportunity can present itself spontaneously through the networks you have created. A simple visit to an old mentor in June became an opportunity to work for her office and have a job for the month of July.

2. I learned that while a lot changes when you move away from your first home and a lot also stays the same.That which was built while you were away may change, but it gives you something new to go back to.

3. I learned to always appreciate the time you get to spend with others. When you remember them, try to remember them at their best. Sometimes, one last time is all you’ll get to see them.

4. I learned that parents will treat you like a child regardless of how old you get. You are always a child somewhere in your parents’ mind.

5. I learned that teaching 8th grade has become more difficult. Prior knowledge isn’t what it used to be.

6. I learned wedding planning is fun, but timelines are stressful. Yet, being called “Uncle” by the new nephews and spending time with the wife-to-be makes it worth it.

7.  I learned that sometimes even reason and understanding does not mend a relationship. There are some lessons one must learn alone.

Procrastination done. Taking a deep breath and diving back into the fray.

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