Of wet logs, old mail, and s’mores

Yesterday, ended up being a great end of the week and it nearly completed my personal symbolism of what makes summer. I already got grilled burgers (more please) and hot dogs (which I only eat once or twice during the summer). I already went hiking. I already almost offed myself using OFF!® repellant spray. It was time for wet logs, old mail, and s’mores.

At some point around June, The Fiancée usually has the great idea of making s’mores. Making s’mores always involves a fire pit of some sort and bringing out a season’s worth of old mail that she hasn’t gotten around to shredding and recycling yet. Since s’mores making is usually an impromptu decision this means we need to dry out the wood which is usually too waterlogged to burn.

We set the wood in the fire pit, line everything with dry old mail, and light the mail to dry out the wood. Once everything is lit, we feed in the rest of the mail. add more logs into what is now a decent blaze, and then start the smore’s assembly line of graham crackers, chocolate, and roasted marhmallow. (I never have the patience to make really good s’mores where everything is melted evenly since I just want to eat everything. The Fiancée says that I truly don’t appreciate the process and usually takes over making s’mores. I reap the benefits.)

At the end, it is always worth the mosquito bite or two, the potential singed knuckle, the watery eyes from the initial smoke, and a face covered in marshmallow.

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