Friday Feature: The Aries Experiment

This Friday’s feature article is on a blog that I’ve grown fond of: The Aries Experiment. Created by Spencer G and hosted by blogspot, the purpose of the blog is to see how accurate the creator’s horoscope on Facebook is. He makes commentary on how accurate and relevant the horoscope is to his life and whatever else it makes him think of. Not only is this blog interesting to read because of its unique premise, but it gives an interesting look at life while being deliciously written. The man writes on everything from travel in Costa Rica, to food, to ringing rocks and his writing style is like the love child of good journalism and crisp poetry – it is witty, warm, thought-provoking, and has grit too. If you want to see how a real Aries lives, then click the picture and check out this Friday’s featured blog.

Photo Credit: Spencer G creator of "The Aries Experiment" blog (

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