A Summary of the Past Four Months

Alright, so I haven’t been blogging in the past four months. It turns out that I may actually be a little bad at this whole blogging instance. The blog just hasn’t been taking top priority lately. Here is the past four months in five easy to read bullets:

1. The End of the School Year and the Start of Summer
So, the school year ended for my students and I, so did my teaching gig since it had to get renewed every year and I am going PennState. On the bright side, the person who was employed in my position is perfect for the position and will be an excellent asset to the school and district.

I didn’t work or go to school during the summer for the first time since I was twelve and almost every day, I was meeting with friends to hang out for the last time before I moved away to grad school. I ended up helping teach a Salsa beginner class and an intermediate class during the month of July though.

2. The Big Move

I made the Big Move to grad school at the start of August. It was actually not that bad packing everything I possess into a 10 foot long U-Haul truck. I was happy to set up my new queen-sized bed I bought with the last of my teaching money and my family and girlfriend liked my apartment. I have to add that they did help me pack everything into the truck. My parents drove it for me and my girlfriend and I rode in my car, which was also packed with the sensitive goodies like my files and computer.

3. Bartending School

I attended a bartending school for the first two weeks that I was in Harrisburg area and am a certified bartender now. It was always something I wanted to do and since we are discussing new beginnings – I went out and did what I wanted to do since I was 19.

4. Start of Classes

I started classes. I am taking classes on 20th Century American Civilization, Introduction to American Studies (My major), Race and Ethnicity, and an Intermediate Spanish class. I already can speak Spanish, but wanted to brush up on formality in speech, grammar skills, and writing skills.

5. My Professional Blog

I have started a professional blog as part of my introductory class and because it will be useful in the future. Expect double posts or links to new posts on the professional blog.

That’s the whole four months in five bullets. Until next post.

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