The one with the car trouble in Harrisburg

I told you that this one was coming. My car ended up breaking down in Middletown, Pennsylvania during my business trip to scope out the area and my new school. (That’s actually the place where my school is located. It is 8 miles from Harrisburg and also the site of the Three Mile Island accident.)

I have to admit that it was partially my fault. My car had been giving me trouble with its thermostat and had a small coolant leak before I drove it the 300 miles to Penn State Harrisburg. The drive ended up being too much and on Thursday, one day into the trip, the car began acting up. My car is 12 years old, so I normally take care of it extremely well, aside from occasionally pulling a jack-rabbit when the light goes green. Luckily, I was across the street from an auto-shop when it happened and the mechanic gave me a deal so everything was fixed for a reasonable price.

Despite, the frustration caused by my car breakdown, I was learned a lot from the experience like:

1.Take care of any car issues before you drive a tenth of the way across the country.

2.Eating at Chili’s for dinner 3 days in a row can be a great experience. Great food and great drinks. Plus, you can have great conversations with the wait staff and bartender(s).

3. A margarita actually can make a rough day better and good tips mean a tasty drink and meal plus, an excellent chat with your bartender, servers, and even restaurant manager.

4.It pays to wear comfortable walking shoes.

5.Being appreciative really does help get you to where you need to go. (I’m back home because of it.)

6.Finding an apartment is a lot of work. (I still don’t officially have one yet. I’m on waiting lists.)

7.A 3 pound messenger bag will feel like a 20 pound messenger bag after walking for 5 miles.

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