Burn it up with red hot fashion

Red. It is known as the power color and it should be considering that people have connected it with everything from war to danger to passion throughout the ages. So, how do you wear it and get the attention of that certain someone?

The first key to wearing red is to remember that a little can go a long way. Wearing too much red and you may end up looking like a strange imitation of the Kool-Aid Man or like you belong in a Target ad. You should try and limit red to one or two articles of clothing and leave the rest up to accessories. Ladies get the cake when it comes to red clothing. Women can wear a completely red ensemble, but it should preferably be a dress or something more formal if you are going to go all out. Shirts that are red or have red in them can be paired with dark jeans or pants for a classic combination. The look is good for men or women and can grab a lot of positive attention. Red and white or red and black combinations work well in nearly all circumstances and are an excellent choice for February attire.

The second key to wearing red is to accessorize. Red shoes or sneakers go well with a variety of outfits and are different enough to spark people’s interest and attention. A red belt, necklace, or watch can really spice up a plainer outfit since the red will “pop out” more if worn with contrasting colors. Women can always accessorize with red hair clips or earrings. Even white sneakers can gain a whole new look by changing the lace color to red. For men and women, a red hat can liven up almost anything and give you a look that is classy while still being fun. Keep in mind that matching accessories still a hot trend.

Something to remember when choosing something red to wear is to pick a shade that compliments your skin tone. If not, you can end up looking either washed out or flushed. Darker reds and some brighter red tones will compliment darker skin tones. Lighter reds and pinks compliment lighter or darker skin tones depending on the shade you choose. Finally, ladies should not be afraid to use red on the face when it comes to make-up. Just make sure to balance out red blush or eye shadow with a more natural earth tone. If you want to wear red lipstick make sure it compliments your skin tone and the rest of your make-up. Women should probably go with a pinker shade or just brighten up those lips with some lip gloss for color and shine if red is too strong a color. On a similar note, colors created by combining red with another color, like purple for example, can also be worn with nearly as much as much effect and still look excellent with jewelry.

So, this February give in to the part of you that craves some attention and a little power. Catch someone’s eye by spicing things up using red clothing and accessories. A little red and a little power can go a long way.

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